Expats Experts Series interview: Julien Faliu from expat.com

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I’m glad to introduce the first in a series of interviews of community leaders working with expats. 

If you’d like to be a guest on these series, please send me a message.

This time we have Julien Faliu from Expat.com with us.  So, give him a loud round of applause! 

Welcome Julien!



Please introduce yourself

I am Julien Faliu, and I have been living abroad for more than 15 years. After living in France, Great-Britain and Spain, I am now in Mauritius where I founded Expat.com, the expat support network.

How did you decide to make the move and work with expats?

I wanted to change the world by making moving abroad easier for other expats. That’s why I created Expat.com, the platform to help you make your expat project a success, providing expats and soon-to-be expats content, networking facilities and services.


Do expats have specific financial struggles that non-expats don’t have?

They indeed have specific needs, as they need a service from their home country to their host country, and back home at the end of their expat adventure. Most of the time, expats need to deal with 2 accounts, one in their home country as safety net and one in their host country for daily expenses.

What is the toughest financial struggle expats face?

To be aware of the hidden costs of expatriation, which can make it difficult to plan for a projected budget and plan for savings.

If there is a single advice for somebody who would like to move to your country?  

A great phase of preparation is essential. Research, planning and organisation are a must for any expatriation.

What’s the single toughest problem regarding finances in your country?  

It’s not specific to the country I am living in, but expats should think about their retirement. If they do not contribute in their host country, they may find a plan in their home country, either public or private. It will be of great help for their future finance.

What do you think you can do better regarding your finances?

I would need to find a better solution regarding international payments, reducing the costs of transfer fees.

What do you think you do very well regarding your finances that others can learn from?

Planning and budgeting!  

Is there a message you’d like to convey to the world of expats?

Expatriation is a great adventure: it gives you a unique opportunity to widen your world and know other cultures. If you are thinking of taking the leap, just do it!

When expatriating, what do most people ignore or don’t think of, but should?

Expatriation is made of ups and downs. After the first phase of honeymoon, you will face struggles that are part of the adaptation process. Don’t worry and keep in mind that you will shortly overcome them to truly enjoy your experience.


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