How Do I Inspire Others To Experience Financial Freedom As Well? [Video]

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Another Q&A about financial freedom and personal finance this time from downtown Manhattan in New York City. I talk about my experience and what’s the best way I think you can experience financial freedom.

Add your questions in the comments and I’ll feature you in the next video.

Here is the full text of the video:

Hello everybody! Welcome to another live Q&A session about financial freedom and personal finance. And today, I’m broadcasting from Battery Park in Manhattan, New York.

So I have a question today from Ecnar Ludzedakeniz asking me,

“How I inspire other’s to live financial freedom as well in experience?”


“So my answer for this is that,

by showing how I live my life, how I travel, how I invest, how I save, how I let my money work for me. This is the way to inspire others. But this very very important thing here. And this is you have to be intentional about this.

So, I’ll give an example.

Last year, a year ago, my wife was looking for a job. and intentionally, she was looking for a location independent job.


that she would work remotely. She could get other job. She was working previously for a very good company. So she could get a really really good job. but that would not be remote and she could have make more money with that. and she wouldn’t do a remote working role.

But that was intentionally looking for that kind of job. Why because that enables us to be more flexible with our lives I have a better quality of life. Spending more time with family and friends. Travel more. We’re able to travel wherever we want. Anywhere from there.

Also, when we travel since we travel for longer times. We’re also able to rent our house and then save a lot on the travel expenses and the other thing is that when you the flight ticket are not as significant. And if you’re going for one month, 2 months, 3 months then obviously the price of the plane ticket is maybe a large part of your expense. But it’s not significant if you’re just going for a week as in, of course, you don’t wanna spend a lot on your flight.

So this is my take for today.

Thank you very much!


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