How should one go about tracking changes in ones account balances, transactions and holdings? [VIDEO]

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This is a Q&A session about personal finance and financial freedom for freelancers and solopreneurs. I got a question from one of my followers named Ayoub.

“How should one go about tracking changes in one’s accounts balances, transactions, and holdings?”

Watch this video and find out more what can we do in order to track all of these and be more aware of your net worth.

Here is the full text of the video:

Hello everybody. Welcome to another Q&A session about personal finance and financial freedom for freelancers and solopreneurs and today I have a question from Ayoub and he’s asking me about, this is his question.

“How should one go about tracking changes in one’s accounts balance in transactions and holding?”

So, Ayoub, the answer is “technology”.

I mean except of using your online banking to see the transaction and what’s going on in your bank account, there are apps and other software so you can login and see all your bank transactions and credit cards along with different statistics on categories and things like that in one place in one dashboard and that’s really really important to help you track things.

I can’t recommend a specific one just because sometimes it’s country-specific there are many in the US I don’t know where you’re from

I’m using one in Israel called FinanDa which connects to my credit card company and my bank account. There is one which is international which I’m checking but still, they have some problems with the Israeli account which is called PocketSmith so you might want to try that if you have maybe accounts in a few countries then you can check it out.

And another very important thing is track your net worth so except of that app, I also have a spreadsheet I have one for my followers if you’d like to one just send me a PM and or anyone else and you can send you a link this one is where you put all your assets in one place and at the same sheet at the bottom as you see all your liabilities and then you see if you’re actually making progress with your net worth.

So except of checking the transactions, it’s also very important to check how much you are worth that’s your net worth. That’s your total worth.

If you have any more question I invite you to add this down at the comments. You can either add that on the comments or even send me that privately on LinkedIn message or any other message whatever platform you’re seeing this.

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