May Personal Net Worth Report

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Here is my monthly post of our personal net worth progress.

I’m sharing this to show how important it is to track your personal net worth and seeing the progress.

You can also learn of what works and what you should change in your finances.

So, here is my analysis for the month.

You know I’m sitting to analyze the numbers for this month and this time it’s more difficult. The picture of what’s going on in not that clear this month. So, I had to think a lot what’s the reason for that large decline (tough temporal) on our personal net worth.

If you don’t know what the net worth definition is, check it here.

So, read ahead for the details.


In May we got the principle for our UK investment and still waiting to collect the profit that should come next month probably. It’s too early to analyze this investment but what we got back from the principles was 19.74% lower than what we invested. That happened because of the BREXIT which caused the British pound to drop vs. ILS (Israel Shekel). Talk about black swans here.  There is no way to guess such things in investments. 3 years in advance. I’ll do a full write-up on this investment once we get all payments back.

Fortunately, we got the payment before there was another drop in the exchange. But it will influence the profits when we get them through.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still confident in investing and not every investment will turn the way you analyzed and thought.  But my investment portfolio is diversified enough that it’s not a major crisis.

Related: I spoke about diversification and correlation of investment with Michael Waitze from Asia Tech Podcast recently.

Let’s dive into the details of our personal net worth.



  1. US stocks portfolio went up thanks to the exchange rate staying high and an increase in the net value of that portfolio.
  2. Israeli stock portfolio is not doing great. You see a trend where it kept dropping for the past 4-5 months by now. Still, this doesn’t mean you sell everything and leave the market. I’m on a long-term investment strategy and this is insignificant in 25 years.
  3. My insurance savings are back going up and I hope that the trends continue of course.
  4. Bitcoin is back down and it seems like the whole trend is down. Hashflare stopped mining as the maintenance costs are higher than the payment now. Let’s see…It’s either the complexity of mining that should go down or prices of bitcoin will go up (Or both, which is the best).

Here is what you should take from here:

Investment profits are not guaranteed, there are some things you can’t expect.

BUT, as long as you still sleep well at night you are ok. If you don’t sleep well at night that investment isn’t for you.


Do you track your personal net worth? What insights did you get recently?


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