What Is The Craziest Situation You Have Had To Solve For Someone In The Financial Sphere? [VIDEO]

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This is a question from Zack Fourie.

These are situations in life that are harder to fix in order to reach your financial freedom. This is what this question is all about.

Watch this video and see what you need to do now not to get to that situation. If you want to ask questions, please add on the comments below and you might be featured in the next video.

Here is the full text of the video:

Hello everybody. Welcome to another live Q&A session on Instagram of Free Financial Self where you are asking questions about personal finance and financial freedom.

And I do my best to help you with achieving those goals.

So I invite people to join and ask their questions. We’re going to start with our questions that I have from somebody who sent to me in private and then who everybody join live and interested we either can add it in the comments or will put them live to join.

So here we go. We have a question from Zack Fourie and he’s asking me this.

“What is the craziest situation you have had to solve for someone in a financial sphere?”

So, it’s not really craziest but let say the hardest. The hardest part is when somebody who is relatively an old age and has no money and then says,

“Okay, what can I do now to improve and have financial freedom?”

And the thing is that, that person has no money to invest, he can’t make lots of changes in his life and maybe take riskier deals which would be more lucrative of course but then he can’t take them he need to keep the value of his money.

So this is definitely the hardest one to cope with.

It’s not that you can’t do anything. People can still be better with their finances and maybe have a better cash flow. Maybe lived in a cheaper place. There are things that you can do even if you’re in older age but obviously that’s much harder.

This is why my best advice for people is to start early and start as early as possible because this one is so important and if you start early you will be much much better off when you are older. Things your money would start work for you on a faster-pace. So things would get easier and easier.

So, this is something that you should keep in mind.

Start early.


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