Expats Expert Series Interview: Rianne Reitsma from ri-direction.com

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So, here we are with our 2nd interview on a series of interviews of community leaders working with expats. 

If you’d like to be a guest on these series, please send me a message.fo

This time we have Rianne Reitsma from ri-direction.com with us.  

So, give her a loud round of applause! 

Welcome, Rianne!


1. Please introduce yourself

My name is Rianne, I am 33 years young and I live in Amsterdam with my English boyfriend called Jamie. I like to do sports (all kinds) like beach volleyball, race cycling, discovering new things (like bars, restaurants, cool places to visit) and I am highly interested in learning about other cultures, which is why I absolutely love traveling!

2. How did you decide to make the move and work with expats?

I used to be an expat myself. I lived in Berlin (2 years) and Singapore (>3 years), I also did an exchange in Istanbul (6 months). When you are new in a country, you want to learn about other cultures and habits. But since we are all busy we want to learn it in an easy to digest way. That is why I started my Instagram: expat_help_nl_ri_direction.

3. Do expats have specific financial struggles that non-expats don’t have?

Sometimes there are other rules and regulations (or benefits) for expats. It is good to know them.

4. What is the toughest financial struggle expats face?

Getting the information they need and making sure they pay the correct price for services.

5. If there is single advice for somebody who would like to move to your country?  

I believe it depends on the person/nationality who is relocating.

6. What’s the single toughest problem regarding finances in your country?  

I would say taxes and the tax system.

7. What do you think you can do better regarding your finances?

Saving up for a pension.

8. What do you think you do very well regarding your finances that others can learn from?

I keep an overview of my monthly (fixed) spendings.

9. Is there a message you’d like to convey to the world of expats?

Make sure that you can trust your financial advisor, don’t just go to anyone.

10. When expatriating, what do most people ignore or don’t think of, but should?




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