February 2022 Net Worth Report

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Here is my monthly report of our personal net worth progress for February 2022 and other financial updates.

If you’d also like to see how much you are worth the way I do, I created this tool, especially for my readers. You can get it here.

Also, if you’d like to read the previous report to get the flow of things, you can check it here – January 2022 personal net worth update. Here are all the previous reports.

If you don’t know what the net worth definition is, check it here.


Our net worth last month changed in -0.17%

Seems like the turbulence on the market this month took our stock portfolio down last month and a bit this month.

This downtrend was offset thanks to two things:
1. ILS/USD exchange rate has went up, meaning that everything we hold in USD (which is most of our net worth is of) went up.
2. A couple of years ago I invested in Kuetzal which was found out to be a scam crowd investing platform. I managed through a legal claim of a large group of investors to recover about 30% on the investments. There might be more coming up sometime. But no one knows when.


Crypto stayed more or less the same from last month.


One of my content websites is still for sale (for $6000, if you are interested)
I prefer to focus more on larger websites. And on the lookout for 1-2 other sites. Also, looking at being a passive investor in a portfolio of content websites.


This month on The Free Financials, I shared some of the growth tactics I started implementing on my larger niche website. As well as helping them, to find ways and grow their net worth by 1% every month.

I’m working on an interesting collaboration with a remote work coach, so stay tuned for the announcement. In addition, I was invited to speak and give a webinar for a community of 20K digital nomads, exciting!


This month I was also a guest in 2 podcasts:

1. The Eric Mueller Show, Ep32,  I spoke about how people need to be intentional and take responsibility for their finances so they can live a better, happier, and more fulfilling life. Listen to the podcast here.

2.  I was a guest of Eric Spitz on Juxtaposed Journeys Podcast: Shlomo Freund’s Journey as a Location Independent Entrepreneur.  The conversation ranged from impactful traveling experiences to business ventures, different forms of investing, and my overall experience of working with different remote workers from around the world. 


Online course – “How to achieve the perfect life-finance balance for remote workers” – was fully launched and started seeing some sales. Check it out here

Last but not least, I have lots of public speaking coming up in the next two months. If you know of someone looking for speakers about remote work and finances for remote workers let me know.

That’s it for this month.


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