March 2022 Net Worth Report

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Here is my monthly report of our personal net worth progress for March 2022 and other financial updates.

If you’d also like to see how much you are worth the way I do, I created this tool, especially for my readers. You can get it here.

Also, if you’d like to read the previous report to get the flow of things, you can check it here – February 2022 personal net worth update. Here are all the previous reports.

If you don’t know what the net worth definition is, check it here.


Our net worth this month changed by 1.76%

Seems like the turbulence on the market this month took our stock portfolio down this month of about 4%.

This downtrend was offset Thanks to BTC and ETH going back up.

In addition, I hold my coins with This company pays interest on your crypto and foreign currency held with them. You can get a higher interest rate if you are getting paid the interest with their Nexo coin. The coin has got up nicely as well.

Nexo has membership tiers depending on the percentage of your Nexo coin compared to the rest of your coins portfolio. As for me, it’s over 10%, this means that up to an LTV of 20%, I can get a loan with 0% APR. That essentially means free money to be reinvested! It can certainly help when I buy my next niche website.


One of my content websites is still for sale (for $6000, if you are interested)

I prefer to focus more on larger websites. And on the lookout for 1-2 other sites. Also, looking at being a passive investor in a portfolio of content websites. However, so far it didn’t make any business sense.

I also looking at different websites to acquire. Was in discussions with 3-4 this month, but none of them materialized.


This month on The Free Financials, I share some of the growth tactics I started implementing on my larger niche website. As well as helping them, to find ways and grow their net worth by 1% every month.


Last week I came back from a ski trip with my 6-year old daughter from…Bansko. Just so happens, I’m going to speak there at a conference this summer. See below 

It was the first time we spent a whole week together and acquired lots of great memories from that week. And yes, now after a few ski classes, she is able to ski! (my snowboarding, however, still sucks).

Except for the skiing, another reason we went there, was because there was a homeschooling program running there. so, we also got to know more homeschooling families. 


This month I was also a guest to Daniela Stockfleth-Menis on her Because Everyone Has A Story podcast speaking on Building Towards a Perfect Lifestyle. We spoke about how I started to become a financial coach living a digital nomad lifestyle. The conversation started to be very compelling as we discussed more how I deal with my client’s finances and their financial goals on a roadmap I presented. A highlight of the interview was when we discussed the question “When is enough for us to say we’re at our desired lifestyle?”.


Online course – “How to achieve the perfect life-finance balance for remote workers” –  I’m building this one in public. Sharing every bit of it. Check out my Twitter account for more details: @FreeFinancialSF. I already published 15 lessons of the course, and keep publishing. Check out here:

Last but not least: 


I’ll be speaking at Bansko Nomad Fest this summer about: “How your finances can create the perfect finance-life balance for remote workers?”

If you intend to join I have a 10% discount code for you. Use: ‘Shlomofreund’ at checkout.

I gave a talk at Power to fly:” How to turn your passion into an income stream?” Check out the recording here:

That’s it for this month.


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