Should I Buy a Property or Is It Better Just To Travel and Rent? [VIDEO]

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This is another Q&A session about personal finance and financial freedom for entrepreneurs.

Here is a question I got from one of my followers named Katerina. Actually, these two options are not contradicting at all. These might vary on how you want to live your life. Let’s all turn first our “Expenses” into “Investments” while reaching your goals and financial freedom.

Watch this video for my answer.

Here is the full text of the video:

Hello everybody! This is another session of Q&A of Free Financial Self about financial freedom and personal finances. Walking now down in 9th Avenue in Manhattan.

So live from here. So today I have a question from Katrina and she’s asking me,

“Should I Buy a Property or Is It Better Just To Travel and Rent?”



The answer is my opinion that these two are not contradicting. So Katrina, as about is it worth buying a property, I’m thinking that it’s actually if you’re gonna live in that property then that actually not such a good idea I would though buy a property as an investment option and depends what.

So we are looking for different investment options in Portugal. We’re looking at different investment options in Thailand. So there are all kinds of options out there but when you live in your property you probably don’t have the same orion it. I mean you’re spending money instead of making money on it but then maybe there are other ways. You can rent it out Airbnb and stuff like that just like we do.

So that’s an option.

Katerina, I hope this answers your questions. I’m now going to open it more for people from the audience here and you can go live and ask me questions about personal finance and financial freedom.

So I’m gonna wait a few more seconds if you want to ask or you can ask in text as well.

Green light.. Actually, it’s never green light it’s a white light here in Manhattan.

Just listening. Sure! No worries comments are a bit slow here in Instagram. I say when I was using Periscope was much faster. Anyway, interesting experience. So these are our questions for today.

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I go live every week as well. So, keep following, keep listening, and bringing your questions.

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Cheers! See you next time


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