What’s The Best Financial App You’ve Used So Far? [VIDEO]

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“What’s The Best Financial App You’ve Used So Far?”

What are the tools that can help you be more efficient and effortlessly make progress to your financial freedom and goals?

Also, I think the market is broken and can be improved. Hear my answer to this question.

This is a Q&A session I do every week about personal finance and financial freedom. Add your questions in the comments and I’ll feature you in the next video.

Here is the full text of the video:

Shlomo here and today we are in a Q&A session of Free Financial Self where I helped entrepreneurs with their personal finance and financial freedom.

And today I have a question from Ricky Steele and he’s asking me about personal finance apps and here’s the question:

“What licenses, credentials and other certifications do you have that have assisted you in your financial pursuits?”

So, Ricky, this is a really hard question. And the reason is because there are so so many apps out there. Either budgeting apps or auto-saving apps.

Auto-saving apps are actually my favorite ones because this is kind of a passive money management. So they are the one’s that round up your purchase. And then put this into your savings account. There are some that take money small amounts on your bank account on a certain time or reached a certain goal. And then put this on your savings account. But the important thing is all passive and then you can just take out that money and then invest it.

Unfortunately, as I lived in Israel and most of the apps don’t work overseas. Most of them in the US so if you lived in the US you got a lot of options out there.

One, International option they currently checking it’s called PocketSmith and this one works internationally and they integrate with lots and lots of banks out there that able to tracked their budgeting and all that.

Currently, I’m using an Israel Yapp that connects to my credit card company and my banks and that works great. With PocketSmith probably works is more robust and this is why I want to try it out. So I’ll probably post on this in the future.

If you have any more questions, please add those at the comments down there. And of course, like this video and see you next week.



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