What are some of the mistakes novice investors make? [VIDEO]

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This is a Q&A session about personal finance and financial freedom for freelancers and solopreneurs.
This question is from my follower named Olga Nesmeyanova.

“What are some of the mistakes novice investors make?”

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Here is the full text of the video:

Hello, everybody, this is Shlomo here from Free Financial Self and today I have a question from Olganesmeyanova and she’s asking me this.

“What are some of the mistakes novice investors make?”

So, Olga here’s my answer, novice investors usually don’t have a system and this is very important. As example, a system in investing a stock portfolios example is going for the longer term. If you try to go for the short term you’re very likely to have losses over time. while if you’re going for the longer term you’re actually increasing your chances of

making profits of those investments and therefore the system there is going for the longer term and not making a quick buck. So this is very very important. So, on every investment that you have, think of the system behind it and then follow it.

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