What Investments Are Most Profitable? [VIDEO]

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This week Q&A session about personal finance and financial freedom Broadcasting from The Mall in Washington D.C.

Ann Bates asked me about what are my most profitable assets.

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Here is the full text of the video:

Hello Everybody and welcome to another Q&A session of Free Financial Self. And today I’m broadcasting from a famous place. I’m sure you recognize the Lincoln Memorial behind me. And this one is Washington Monument right there.

So that’s from Mall in Washington D.C.We’re visiting here for a month. So we get to jump around doing our workation, visiting family and friends.

And today I have a question from Anne Bates and she’s asking me,

“What is the most profitable part of the things that you do?”


So Anne, the things that I do, I diversify with a few different things. So these would be stocks. Investment would be real estate investment. A little bit of bitcoin and my businesses. Each one is growing at a different pace and a different time. The point is that is very very important to diversify.

Therefore, so as an example:

2016 was the great year for the stock portfolio. 2017 was not as good on the other hand. Bitcoin went up, but it still for that – It’s not really investment it’s a tiny bit of the whole portfolio. But still went up really really nicely. So, every period is different and every asset is different. And we differently in different time. So this is why it is very very important to diversify.

But the general trend obviously should be that your portfolio and networth should grow.

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