What To Consider When Looking At International Real Estate Investments? [VIDEO]

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A follower asked me about the real estate environment when investing. I gave him my insights from places I’m checking. Click to watch.

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Here is the full text of the video:

Hello everybody and welcome to another live Q&A session of Free Financial Self.

As always we talk about financial freedom and personal finance and today I have a question from S. Akkins and he’s asking me about the real estate investments that I do.

And he’s saying this:

“Is real estate viable business venture and you have 2 properties in 2 countries. Comparably, which offers the best environment for this kind of business?


So, I answered them this:

I’m looking at 2 different markets at a last 1 to 2 years. One is in Thailand where we visited last year. And the other one is single-family homes in the US.

For Thailand, it’s “Lower Cost- Higher Return”. So obviously, that’s better but it’s more management as this is an Airbnb investment. It’s buying an apartment for an Airbnb investment. And the other one obviously, it’s a lower cost. That’s better but more complicated to manage. One more significant thing is that you can’t get a mortgage.

If you’re not a Thai national and I think that you can only do it if you want to get a mortgage if you are working for the government. Then it’s possible to get versus investing in the US in a single-family home.

For the US back to the answer. We’re looking at HIGHER COST and the management is not as complicated but the thing is that it’s a LOW RETURN.

So these are 2 things to consider. And also you can get a mortgage.

So there will be more leverage there. So these are the 2 things I’m looking at and I’m currently haven’t made a decision. I assume it would take about at least 6 more months or maybe more to figure this out.

But yeah, this is my answer for the real estate investment question.

Any questions you guys have right now, I’m happy to answer. So please go ahead. What we’re doing by the way that if you have a question I can put you in live here so I’m adding you live on the show.

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Anyway, so I’m here every week with live Q&A session about financial freedom and financial self.

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